The Shadow of the Mountain

by Torii

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released December 6, 2013

Bill Masino- Guitars, Drums, Programming
Eric May- Vocals



all rights reserved


Torii Rogers, Arkansas

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Track Name: The Shadow of the Mountain
The mountain stands tall before me
An obstacle to which I cannot ascend
It stands there mocking me in it's majesty
A whole world lies above, which I've never seen

At it's peak, there lies the golden ones
The Olympus stands proud and mighty overhead
It's been the dream of men to reach these palaces
But only few can climb this jagged monolith
All those who've failed lumber with sorrow and misery
As they live out their lives in the seas of mediocrity

The shadow of the mountain stands before me
And forever in it's shadow I will be
I'm told that the gods live up there
But I'm doomed to this life of broken dreams

All of my idols have forsaken me
They've reached the top but have left me behind
The gods have jaded personalities
I'm willing to bargain that it's all a utopia of lies

Some who climb the mountain do not do so by their own hand
They've bought their way into paradise
They've sold their souls for this land of kings

Yet I am crippled by it's grandeur
It's houses of platinum and gold
The shadow of this beast always haunts me
Can I ever be free from my shame?

I feel a touch upon my shoulder
But I turn around and there's no one there
Track Name: Endless Glacier
As I turn to see the emptiness that lay before me
I can feel the chill rising in my heart
That endless glacier of sadness and despair
That burdens so heavily on my soul

I look to the place that I’ve called home
Yet still feel vacant and alone
It’s so cold inside this wasteland
Nothing grows or prospers in the hearts of men

A soul trapped inside of this frozen human glacier
Forever inside this wretched body
A spirit encased in sheets of ice

Where man should have to suffer so
Is this my home?
Where man is blind to his own ignorance

"I watch with abundant glee as this icy prison surrounds me
Nevermore am I to discover the sights and sounds of my past
For age has shown me wisdom,
And with wisdom came the hatred and madness of men
They know not what they do just as well
Their lusts for greed and power overwhelm their capacity for peace and harmony
But those are simply utopian concepts, fallen dreams from a man encased in the thick ice of his own
Track Name: Inexorable
The sky is falling!
The sky is falling!
The sky is falling!
Their sky is falling!

A secret order, cloaked in black
Hides behind the wall, with power intact
Bathed in ancient rituals to honor the blackened sun
Established to bring in the reign of the fallen one

Manipulating history as they weave their spells
Through corporate entities and world governments
Burying all knowledge of their arcane ways
So that man can never quell the rate of his own decay

Controlling their eyes through puppets on the TV screen
To create a new line of trends for the media scene
Pulling the wool over their eyes as you keep them docile
Addicted to their screens and their worthless faiths
That you have devised, since the beginning of modern times

The bleeding sun is falling from the sky
The inexorable destruction of all human life
The bleeding sun is falling from the sky
A Luciferian ritual that seals our demise
The bleeding sun is falling from the sky
As we usher in the new age of their fallen kind
The bleeding sun is falling from the sky
The inexorable slaughter of the dumb and blind
Track Name: Out of Time
Can you hear the whispers of the wind through the pines?
Would you come and look upon my forest?
You may gaze with begging eyes, but you'll never step foot in this land from out of time

The smell of Birchwood fills the air, a fragrant and timeless scent
Oh, won't you gaze with wonder at the beauty that you could've relished in?

Why should we give you this forest? You'll only seek to ruin this to sacred space
This untouched land from beyond the stars
Your world seeks to ruin, while our land continues to flourish
You've slaughtered your mother with your own hands
Charged with the care of your world, yet you've found ways to bring it to dust
We will not save you!
Track Name: Lord of Waters
The great rains fall
A torrent from the mountains
The silent march through the forest
Through the night

Wander through this grim land
The dark woods pull at the tattered cloth
Branches strike a graven face
Slow descent into the unknown

Darkness thins and vision clears
Sun rises on a sheet of blue
The crystal fountains feed the lake ahead
Drink from the water and heal your madness

The lord of waters shall quench your thirst
As the sorrow slithers from your soul
The healing elixir found within the depths of these fountains
Drown yourself in the lake
As you submerge into cornucopia
Track Name: The Coming Storm
We are systematically crashing the global economic infrastructure
And we're doing it through your pathetic land
We're piling up debt until it reaches right through the ceiling
Creating political puppets that have no feeling,
Expanding social systems with no support to spare
There will be blood in the water and fire in the air

When the currency stops, the peasants will revolt
Death will fill the streets, yet there will be no release
You will all fall when the coming storm approaches
Military units from other lands
Will seek to quell the riots that have gone out of hand
If you rebel, you will be shot
You're just a destablizer in our grand plot
The network infrastructure will silenced and bare
All who will be left are the servants, too uneducated to care

We will save you
We are the providers
Taking back the fire that the bastard serpent gave to you
Cursed Prometheus, you'll taste our scorn forever
We'll turn your swords into plowshares
Bringing about our ideal society
A perfect utopia for all of mankind

All who oppose our philosophy will meet their demise
So face the coming storm with your head held high!