Gates of Paradise

from by Torii

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Here I stand outside the threshold
That lies between pleasure and pain
No arms to embrace or hands to guide
There's nothing here but the pattering of rain
Oh, though I can lead you
Those gates are closed for me
Where you go, I cannot follow
This bliss not meant for me
A dream of decay only waits for me
Crushed hopes of the past, the essence of being lonely
A heart so torn and shallow
Ripped like a child from the womb
Beyond may lie a better tomorrow
Yet all I foresee is doom
Oh can't you see me?
I'm the one who leads you through
Oh can't you hear me?
I'm the lone voice that disappears with the coming of the moon
I've walked with many down the path to alluring lovers
Their fingers to fondle, their eyes to caress
Their mouths to utter saccharine adoration
Though that cannot be said for me
The one who is barred behind these wretched gates
As I scream out in agony, there is no key that fits for me
I hear screams of ecstasy on the other side,
Yet shadows are my only comfort
As I converse with those whose dreams have died,
Inside this grave of dead passions
Hell doesn't burn with fire,
It stings with the icy chill of love unfulfilled
In this land of the living dead,
I find myself comatose and unable to speak
Such a calamity inside my head
As the storm rages on with the pounding of the rain
What folly that such a tiny heart
Is forced to shoulder such a unbearable amount of pain
Reap the benefits of hopelessness
See the horrors of emptiness
As the surge of depression increases
I am joined here in loneliness
Forever I'll approach these gates of paradise
Never will I reach the golden land I seek to find
Forever I'll approach these gates of paradise
They are just another fiction in this world of lies
We're still cursing
We're still scratching
We're still pounding
At the gates of paradise
We're still clawing
We're still crying
We're still dying
At the gates of paradise
Oh so many have come here to palaver with me
We shall all feast on this bitter banquet of dead and broken dreams...


from Gates of Paradise, released March 23, 2016
Vocals/ Lyrics: Eric May
All Instruments: Bill Masino



all rights reserved


Torii Rogers, Arkansas

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